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Walter Andrew Bailey

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Peacefully on Saturday, December 6, 2014 Walter Andrew Bailey departed this earthly life. Family and friends will unite on Wednesday, December 17, 2014 from 9:00am until time of service 10:00am at Varick AME Zion Church 255 Anacostia Ave. NE Washington, DC 20019. Interment will follow service at MD Veterans Cemetery Cheltenham, MD.

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Condolence Messages

  1. Anonymous says:

    Margaret – My sincere condolences to the family for the loss of your loved one. May prayers strengthen you and memories comfort you, and may our Lord Jesus Christ and God our Father, who loves us, comfort your hearts and “make you firm”. (2 Thessalonians 2:16, 17)

  2. Anonymous says:

    To Margaret, Ramona and the Bailey Family, you have our sincere condolence in the lost of your love one.

    Henry and Paulette Durham

  3. Anonymous says:

    I may not not know you very well as your loving sis-in-law Phyllis, well she’s home with you and mom Cecil, we will miss you all dearly. But tell Phyllis & Cecil that we will be together soon, okay.

    God take them in your loving arms.

  4. Anonymous says:

    To the family of Walter A. Bailey, I’m so sorry to read of your loss. Therefore I feel compelled to write and try to offer some words of comfort with you. Although you may have your own religious beliefs, I will be using the 2013 revised New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures as my source for my words of comfort. This translation is of modern English so that everyone reading it can understand what is written. Why the Bible? Well the Bible is the most widely distributed and translated book in history. Ninety percent of the world’s population owns a copy of the Bible. Thus the Bible is readily available to so many. However the most important reason why I use the Bible to comfort others is found in 2Timothy 3:16, which says the Bible is the inspired word of God. Also many commonly asked questions about death are answered within the pages of the Bible. Such as why we die, what happens to us when we die, what is the true condition of the dead, will the dead live again and where? You see we all find ourselves in the house of mourning in need of comfort from time to time. And have asked some of those questions if not all of them. The Bible has been given to us as a precious gift from God, and why is explained in Romans 15:4. Now why we die is explained in Romans 3:23, 5:12. What happens to us when we die, is shown in Genesis 3:19 and confirmed by what is written in Psalms 146:4. And what the true condition of the dead is, has been explained by the greatest teacher who ever lived, Jesus Christ in John 11:11. There in John 11:11 Jesus Christ explains that those who have died are asleep in death. This is also confirmed by what is written in Ecclesiastes 9:5, which says the dead know nothing at all. So your loved one Walter A. Bailey is no longer suffering, but is at rest in the sleep of death, waiting for his resurrection. The Bible clearly explains what the resurrection is as well who will be resurrected. And the word resurrection means to stand up or rise. Within the pages of the Bible we are given nine actual recorded and preserved accounts of persons who were resurrected. As a preview of what is to occur on a grand scale in the future. In fact three books of the Bible foretell this future grand scale resurrection, Isaiah 26:19, John 5:28,29, Acts 24:15. Those three books tells us who will be resurrected as well as the extent of the resurrection. All because John 3:16 tells us that God was the first to love us. As a result of that expressed love, the provision of the resurrection has been made. After all the one who has seen everyone who has ever lived and died is Almighty God Jehovah. He has seen the pain and suffering death has caused for centuries, and for centuries has revealed his purpose for those who have died to be given a resurrection in his own due time. Jesus Christ performed three of the nine recorded resurrections, to show he will be the one who will resurrect many in the future. There is only one who knows the number of those who have died, and that is Jehovah God, He alone saw when they were born and died, so He knows the exact number to be given a resurrection. Psalms 36:9 and Acts 17:24,25 tells us with God is the source of life. Therefore it is reasonable to understand how He alone can restore the life force to those who have died. After all, the DNA of those who have died are stored within his infinite mind, since he is the Creator of us all. With the passing of some time, may you once more enjoy all the wonderful memories you’ve made and shared with dear Walter A. Bailey, because his love for you lives on by means of those memories. May that thought bring you a measure of comfort at this time. Another reason why we need to know about and understand about the resurrection hope, is today as never before in history so many are dying, both young and old alike. Also the world scene is filled with those who are destroying our home the planet earth. So we are in need of answers to show just what the future will be. With all that in mind, the Bible shows why mankind and the earth will have a future in Isaiah 45:18. You see 1John 4:8 says God is love, so out of love for humanity, Jehovah God has revealed the truth about life and death within the pages of the Bible. May you also find a measure of comfort in the loving arms of family and friends at this most difficult time in your lives. Know that time heals all things.
    Although our powers are limited, with God all things that are righteous are possible. Why we can put our faith and trust in what the Bible says, is because for one the Bible has been preserved through much controversy for our benefit, two it is the inspired word of God, given to us with the purpose to instruct and comfort us, while explaining God’s will and purpose for the earth as well as mankind as a whole. Jesus Christ performed many powerful miracles of which the resurrection of three people was reported about in the Bible. However all his miracles were a preview of what would take place in the future under God’s kingdom. This is why Jesus Christ said in Matthew 6:9,10 that we should pray for God’s kingdom to come. He knew and taught God’s kingdom is the solution for all of mankind’s problems. On what basis the resurrection will be granted has also been given in 1Samuel 16:7, again because God is love, and wants us to be comforted by the truth found in His word the Bible. To show further love and concern for us details of life after the resurrection are also given, in Isaiah 65:21-25. The terms used there show the resurrection will take place right here on this earth, just as it has in the past. So all isn’t hopelessly lost with the death of Walter A. Bailey because of the resurrections hope. Why we can put our faith and trust in what the Bible says is because God can’t lie, whatever He has expressed he will do, he has the power to do. In Isaiah 55:8,9,11 we are told God, thoughts, and ways are higher than our thoughts and ways, and whatever His expressed will is, will not return to Him without success. Jesus Christ has given advice on what we must do in order to be among those who will welcome back those resurrected, in John 17:3. In the 2013 revised New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures, John 17:3 reads as follows: “This means everlasting life, their coming to know you, the only true God, and the one whom you sent, Jesus Christ.” The 2013 revised New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures can be found and read online @jw.org. Sincerely R.P. of Parkville Maryland.

  5. Tracey says:

    Find comfort in the ‘God who is close to the brokenhearted’.

  6. S. Hill says:

    To the family, Luke 20:38 assures us that your loved one is in God’s memory. Please find comfort in that hope.

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